Sales as a service from Blisslu sales and marketing agency

Blisslu sales and marketing agency offers sales as a service. Blisslu offers a complete package for sale outsourcing by sales as a service and also offers different services that are part of the sale process. For more details, please visit the relevant webpages of your interest of our services.

Direct sales as a service complete package

Blisslu sales as a service agency offers direct sales as a service package. This is a complete package to outsource your sales. Whether you are looking a sales development representative, business development executive, account manager or just need to outsource sales to meet your revenue goals, then our this complete package got you covered.

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Prospecting as a service

Prospecting or lead generation is an important part of the whole sales process. Blisslu offers prospecting as a service or Lead generation as a service.

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Qualification as a service

A prospective customer or a potential sales lead never converts into sale in all at once. Leads need to be qualified before we can take them to the next step along with our sales process. Blisslu offers qualification/lead nurturing as a service.

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Closing as a service

At closing a sale is more than an art, and it requires itself very professional sales skills. Blisslu offers closing a sale as a service and helps customers to close more sales.

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Support & relationship management

Sales process does not end after closing the sale, in fact, it starts from there to build the long-term relationship for to secure higher revenue. Blisslu offers, support and relationship management as a service.

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