About us

Blisslu is a brand and domain name of Cluevest LLC (Cluevest.com).


Blisslu is sales and marketing agency. We started Blisslu with one aim is mind, and it was to help businesses to succeed with their businesses. Businesses cannot succeed without sales and marketing. Marketing is an engine of any business/organization. Sale is a breath of any business/organization. Without sales, there are no revenue and without revenue, there is no long-term survival of any business/organization. This is sale that builds the empires. This is sale that connects the products with customers. This is marketing that creates brand awareness and brings people to the shop. This is marketing that creates mind and heart share for any brand and creates buying feeling and emotions that trigger sales. Marketing and sales are the backbone of any business.


Blisslu has that one aim in mind, and it was to help businesses with their business by focusing on the core functions within sales and marketing and help businesses to succeed. Today, we are so excited, humble, proud that we have a well-established brand and range of products/services for to help our customers with sales and marketing. We are so much passionate about what we do. Sales and marketing are in our heart, mind and blood. We know how to sell; we know how to market; we know how to build the brand; we know how to take sales from point A to point Z with expotential growth. We know how to run campaigns that help to succeed our customers with their business and financial goals.



Blisslu has a very corporate type of work approach, and we are very professional in what we do. We spend each day by working systematically to apply the right strategies by using the right tools and technology. We are work pro, and we spend a substantial amount of time and resources to polish our skills to bring higher ROI on the table. We spend resources and time on brainstorming, case studies, workouts, dummy projects to master our skills and take ourselves to the next level at each day. This is our part of the culture, and this is our business philosophy that we want to be the best for our customers. We want to be the pro for our customers. We want to be the hero for our customers. We want to be the problem solver for our examples. We want to be the business life saver for our customers. We want to be the business builder for our customers. We want to be the business guru for our customers. We want to be the right hand, left hand, firsthand man/woman for our customers. We want to be the all in one and only one solution for sale and marketing for our customers.


We define Blisslu in three words: Sales; marketing; tech.


We have built all our services, profession and our skills around these three words (sales; marketing; tech). We believe that these are three core things that we need to master and offer to our customers for to help them to succeed with their sales and marketing goals.


Sales: In sales, we have services like e-commerce sales/digital sales/online sales; direct sales. In direct sales, we have services for lead generation, prospecting, lead qualification, sale closing, after sale support and relationship management services.


Marketing: In marketing, we have content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, virtual brand ambassador, podcasting, Youtube channel marketing, white paper marketing, brand book marketing, trade show marketing, pop-up shop marketing.


Tech: In tech, we have website design and development, mobile app design and development, search engine optimization, business automation, conversion optimization; customers experience solutions.



Blisslu is all about these three words: Sales; Marketing; Tech.



This is what we do at each day and this is what we spend our resources, energy and time at each day. Sales, marketing and tech have helped us to become the Blisslu family and position us to be the voice and choice for our customers and help them to succeed with sales and marketing goals. Blisslu has made us to be the revenue generation machine for our customers. This is what we do at each day: sales, marketing and tech and play this altogether to take our customers to the next level by generating higher revenue for them.


Blisslu is a part of a Cluevest, and we are driven with a very strong corporate and work culture. We are men/women of principles. We are driven with a strong organization culture that values talent; that values progress; that values equality; that values humanity; that values professionalism; that values customer success approach, that values results; that values completion and implementation. Blisslu is successful, and we are successful and are driven because we are driven by the Cluevest strong professionalism culture.



Blisslu is serving its customers in its main markets. We are based in Dallas, TX. Our main market is US, UK and EU. We have customers and are doing business in more than 45 countries. We are working with different types of services related to sales and marketing for different customers. We are the solution, whether you need to increase your revenue, you need to build your brand; you need to run marketing campaigns; you need to do a product launch; you need to succeed with market expansion.



Blisslu attracts, hires, trains, retains the top talent within our markets. We are a talent driven organization, and this is among our core business values to succeed and help our customers to succeed with talent commercialization. Without talent, we have not been come so far and without talent, we have not helped our customers to succeed with their sales and marketing goals. Blisslu (Cluevest) is an equal-opportunity employer and hires people based on talent.


Blisslu (Cluevest) is a profit-based organization, and we are driven to create results by having our interest in mind, which is to have a higher return on investment for our investors by delivering a higher value for other stakeholders and especially to our customers.


Blisslu (Cluevest) has a very strong culture, and we are driven and live our values at each day on our work places. We are very professional and disciplined with our terms of services. We do not work for any political/religious movement. We do not serve the clients that support or actively make comments about any religion/politics, or favor/unfavor any social group by making comments. We cancel the contracts for the customers who support or make comments to favor/unfavor about any religion, politics, social group. Blisslu (Cluevest) is building a better future by helping the businesses, organization to succeed in its eco system of professional and talent commercialization.



Blisslu: Creating higher revenue for businesses' success by using our skills in sales, marketing; tech.