Blisslu is a brand and web domain of Cluevest LLC [].


Blisslu has just one aim in mind, and it is to make our customers successful by deploying our skills, technology and business infrastructure. Blisslu is a very young, modern, innovative brand in sales and marketing and serves customers in corporate, SMEs, small businesses, public institutions and even private individuals. Most of our customers are big corporations, SMEs and well-funded startups.


Blisslu is a sales and marketing agency, and we provide sales and marketing services to our customers for to help them to succeed with their business goals by generating higher revenue, market growth, brand development and much more. What differ us apart from the crowd and makes us stand out is that we are very talent and technology driven.


Blisslu is a firsthand choice and priority for career driven professionals in sales and marketing. Blisslu is a home and platform for career to serve big customers like Grupo Bombo, Coca Cola, Samsung, Tyson Foods, Richemont and many more. Blisslu is a place for to work on big long-term projects in sales and marketing and run campaigns that will help our customers to succeed with their revenue, market growth, brand development goals, business development goals. If you are passionate about sales and marketing, then Blisslu is a home for you.


Blisslu is driven and invests heavy resources on talent acquisition, training and development and put the team on big and tough projects to create results for our customers. We can only create results for our customers; we can only stand out from the crowd by investing on talent and become more dedicated and passionate about what we do. We create results by giving 100% in sales and marketing. If you are dedicated and are ready to take the role that is challenging, that helps you grow, that helps you to stand out from the crowd, that builds your life and career, then Blisslu is a career place for you, and you will like and feel good about to deliver on projects.


Blisslu is an equal opportunity and talent driven employer, and we hire people based on talent. We warmly welcome career professionals from all social groups and from all academic backgrounds. We mostly hire people in our core markets [US, UK, EU]. We hire people on all types of positions from the beginner level to more advance levels. We are growing at each day by creating success stories for our customers and there are many opportunities within Blisslu for career growth, promotions and work for some of the well-known brands on long-term projects.



Blisslu is brand of Cluevest LLC []. Cluevest HR is responsible for hiring people across our all investments and brands. Please check the career portal on Cluevest website.




Blisslu: Creating higher revenue for businesses success by using our skills in sales, marketing; tech.