Direct sales as a service to succeed with your revenue goals and with market expansion

Direct sales as a service is a new trend for business success. Blisslu sales as a service agency offers direct sales as a service and is helping businesses to succeed with their revenue goals and with the market expansion goals.

Direct sales as a service is a golden opportunity to win the market battle and have higher revenue

Direct sales as a service or sales outsourcing service is helpful to avoid trial and error and hire the professional expertises to succeed with your business revenue goals and the market expansion goals.

Higher revenue with sales outsourcing as a service

Increase your revenue

Sales as a profession is any other profession, and expertise matter a lot to win the battles and to close more sales. Hire professional sales as a service outsourcing firm to succeed with your revenue goals.

Lower your hiring and firing budget

Hiring and managing a sales team need heavy resources and without a good sales culture, employees turnover are usually higher. Save your cost, lower your budget and hire sales as a service firm.

Succeed with your product and market

Despite the saturated market, product itself needs to create an emotional connection with the customers and with the market. Hire professional sales outsourcing firm to succeed with a product launch and with market expansion.

Get higher revenue with sales as a service

Blisslu is leading its way by providing professional sales as a service and is helping customers to have higher revenue. Hire professional sales firm to succeed with your revenue goals.

Meet your customers faster
Close more sales faster
Grow with higher revenue faster

Get professional sales expertises and lower your recruitment budget

Hiring, retaining and firing sales executives require a heavy business infrastructure and in addition adding up more compliance cost. Blisslu sales as a service agency lowers your cost and helps you to succeed better and faster with your revenue goals.
Get professional expertises instantly
Play safely to succeed and lower your recruitment budget
Meet your sales team to meet your customers

Quick start your sales with sales development representatives (sdr) than trial and errors

Blisslu sales outsourcing company provides professional sales services and has skilled employees for sales development representatative (sdr), business development representative (bdr), dedicated account manager. Quick start your sales than doing trial and error to find the right talent.

Increase your chances of success
Find instantly professional sales talent
Instantly start selling to have revenue

Hire sales outsourcing firm and focus on other business operations to succeed with business itself

Managing a sales team itself is a very heavy job and requires a separate and complete business infrastructure and financial resources. Blisslu sales outsourcing firm already have everything at the place that is helpful to scale faster and better.
Succeed with business goals by have a sales talent
Scale with your business better and faster
Succeed with sales and revenues without investing and maintaining sales teamSustainable long-term business growth

Outsource b2b sales to succeed with product launch and market itself

Outsourcing b2b sales, outsourcing b2c sales is a perfect solution to bring the professional sales team to succeed with your product launch and with the market itself. Blisslu sales outsourcing firm helps to succeed with the product and market.

Succeed with your product launch to have faster revenue generation
Succeed with market and market expansion by having professional Blisslu sales team
Get new customers for new products and in new markets and have higher revenue

Hire dedicated business development executives (bde) and account managers for sales

Dedicated business development executive (bde) or dedicated account manager is helpful to succeed with revenue goals. Blisslu sales outsourcing agency offers professional sales services with business development executives (bde) and with account managers.
Hire sales talent without hiring
Equip your business with the right professional sales expertise
Serve your customers better with a professional sales team

Simple steps to get Blisslu's direct sales as a service for to increase your revenue...

| Discovery call

Book a discovery call with our team and let us know more about your products/services and what are your expectations about the market and also especially with your business.

| Get an answer

We offer direct sales as a service to selective customers. We process your request internally and see whether we will be able to create results and meet your expectations. We process each request normally in less than a week and send an answer to you.

| Proposal call

If you agree with our answer and would like to hire us for your professional sales team, then we book a proposal call. During the proposal call, we give you detailed insights about our proposal and how we will increase revenue by offering our direct sales as a service.

| Sign a contract

If a business proposal is interesting for you, then you can sign a contract. We start working after the contract is signed and allocates our professional sales team and business resources to increase your revenue.

Check out...

Fulfillment details

Blisslu sales and marketing agency is passionate to serve its customers and helping them to succeed with their revenue and business development. Take your first step and book a discovery call with us to hire direct sales as a service for to grow your revenue.
Understanding your products/services
Understanding your expectations
Understanding your business

Difficult to decide?

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Direct sales as a service is a perfect solution to avoid errors, lower your sales and marketing budget and more importantly succeed with your business goals by having higher revenue,


Blisslu has professional sales expertise and is driven to apply the proven strategies that increase sales and help brands to meet new customers. Never forget that higher revenue will make you and your company successful.


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